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All Songs Los Locos Tambien Comen
Duermete Mi Niña
#7 in Latin SongVault Certified
Duermete Mi Niña
Los Locos Tambien Comen
Latin Rap / HipHop
Length: 3:39
On Network Since May 14, 2007
Reggaeton Pesao
#8 in Latin SongVault Certified
Reggaeton Pesao
Los Locos Tambien Comen
Length: 3:16
On Network Since May 14, 2007
#9 in Latin SongVault Certified
Los Locos Tambien Comen
Length: 3:27
On Network Since May 14, 2007
argenis gomez
SongVault Certified Artist argenis gomez

New York, United States

Latin / Latin

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Lokixximo is New Yorks answer to the rapidly growing reggeaton trend. Sculpted with highly sensual beats and sexy vocals, Lokixximo is what your summer should sound like, is your soundtrack to hotness- guaranteed.
Argenis Gomez (Bonao) and Jose Perez (Jose Josexx) are the sexy sounding duo that are the voices and sound of Lokixximo. The Bronx infamous duo were only teenagers when their hometown legend "Big Pun" died, after his death the latin hip hop scene in the Bronx wasn't the same. After being denied major radio play from some radio stations for the last two years , Lokixximo have plenty of reason to be mad at the Industry.
The duo started from scratch and channeled their frustration into a new, confidently mature freshman effort, "Los Locos Tambien Comen". Best known for their unconventional radio smash “El Perro’,” Lokixximo are no strangers to taking risks with the boundary-pushing sound of Reggaeton, they come with powerfull references and inventive wordplay that easily put them in a lyrical class of their own.
At a time when most artists are pressured to strategically churn out a cookie-cutter album every year for fear of losing their spot, Lokixximo is street Latin hip-hop built to last. The forced sabbatical gave them ample time to painstakingly evaluate their musical motivations. The 12 carefully crafted tracks on "Los Locos Tambien Comen" is pure, uncut New York music. Lokixximo mission of proving doubters wrong is successful because of their continued confidence and reliance on consistent club bangers. In the tradition of previous hits like “Si yo me voy” and “Seduceme,” Lokixximo rekindles their chemistry with their next mixtape before the album “Sueño New Yorkino” and the bronx anthem “New York”. The main Lokixximo producer Add On slaps the reality in the piano with the song ("Duermete mi niña").
The two take pride in the fact that they have managed to stay true to their latino culture & rhythm while proving that their talent is progressive and diverse by winning the DUO REPUBLICA DOMINICANA REGGAETON USA AWARD 2006 they prove their potential, their music & videos is featured many websites worldwide such as:
Lokixximo built its prominent following the old-fashioned way; through hard work and word of mouth promotion. Their determination and independent work ethics has got the attention of many important people in the music industry, performing in clubs everywhere and driving their van coast to coast, stirring up a quiet a commotion! ,the name is everywhere, and whenever they perform, their loyal fan base packs a banging crowd.
In August 2006 the only independent reggaeton duo to go on their own club tour in Florida, performing in the hottest clubs in Orlando and Miami. Headlining all the shows and creating a bigger buzz, so hot , they were interviewed by one of the biggest and most popular radio stations in Florida "Rumba 100.3 FM" in the "Los Anormales" morning show, the impact they had made with their music had caught the industry by surprise. With this new album, "Los Locos Tambien Comen", their lyrical fire seems more mature. While the music is arguably perfect, only time can decide its classic status. Hoping to get some insight into what they consider Latin Hip Hop most timeless tracks, working with the best producers such as Add On (Unlimited Styles Productions), Willie La Fama (Fully Loaded Music), & Grammy award winning engineer/producer Thom Berkley from Eastside Sounds studios, Lokixximo is set to make history, with a role in the upcoming ganster movie "Upload/ Reload", songs in the soundtrack, their music video "El Perro" playing in Major Television & more club tours are scheduled for 2007. Make sure you go & check these bad boys out. It may have been a long time coming, but Lokixximo is more than ready to carry the crown for New York.
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