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Gimme Just A Little
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Gimme Just A Little
Drivin' In My Sleep
Length: 2:52
On Network Since May 23, 2007
Brent Buckley
SongVault Certified Artist Brent Buckley

Virginia, United States


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Genre-straddling artist Brent Buckley has a lot going for him. Regardless of what style of music in which he is working – rock, instrumental, electronic, acoustic – he is at home and more than able to present a top shelf presentation of said genre. “I love adapting to different types of writing and the learning process that happens.” Music is his first love. “I can lose myself in it and forget everything else.” Whatever the genre, fans can say precisely the same thing about Buckley's music.


What moves people? Drama. Therefore, music without some sense of drama is anemic and weak and unable to touch listeners the way great music should. “Music has to have drama. Without that spark, there's no emotional connection; it's not about technique or equipment. I hear lots of music that's technically amazing in some way but doesn't make an impression.” Well, there's no disputing that Buckley's music indeed does make an impression. It's full of drama and fueled by skill and passion.

All Over the Map

The term “all over the map” is not always used as a compliment, but for Buckley, the musical map has no boundaries. “I like to rock out, like to quiet down, like to experiment, like to work to a goal, like to do projects where the ground is new to me.” Buckley embraces musical challenges; they push him to new levels and that helps provide music that challenges listeners while also engaging and entertaining them. “I really admire artists who are able to do all of these things.”

What’s Going On

Buckley placed twice as runner up in The Song of the Year Contest for 2006. Industrial clients have embraced his music with such clients as GEICO and Airline Tariff Publishing latching on to his distinct sound. Buckley expects to be hitting the stage a lot in the upcoming months, but writing and recording will be taking top priority, with several projects in the works. The 6-song EP “Drivin’ In My Sleep” will be released June 29 on TV Tray Records. He is examining the prospect of an indie release of an ambient/electronica album and recently witnessed the Rockadelic Records release of a musical partnership with Val Rogolino. Buckley is currently working with A&R Select, the leading independent A&R firm in Hollywood, CA.


“Buckley's eclecticism is his strength and his forays into various corners of the musical world serves only to strengthen each and every project he takes on.” - A&R Select
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