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Fabrizio Selli
Fabrizio Selli

Milan, Italy

Instrumental Pop / New Age

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Born in Milan (IT), where he studied piano and composition, he began composing when he was a child. Having fallen in love for classical and jazz music, as well as pop music, he worked as a piano and keyboards player, producer and arranger in many different music environments, recording jingles, soundtracks, dance and electronic records (with Sony Music and Emi) in both Italy and other parts of Europe.
In addition to “popular” sounds, he enjoys composing in his own style, which is a mix between new age, classical and pop music. He defines this mix as “soundtracks without movies”, a handiwork of piano composition and the wise use of various technologies.

“The Magic Room” is his first solo album. Recorded in his own studio, it contains 16 tracks. Piano is the main hero, backed by both other keyboards and cello. Ryuichi Sakamoto, Michael Nyman and Lyle Mays are three major inspirational artists for his compositions, as well as Einaudi, Burt Bacharach’s songs, Morricone’s soundtracks and electronic music.
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