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Faded Anchors
Faded Anchors

Colorado, United States

Punk / Alternative

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THANKS FOR COMING BY! In order to throw me a vote all you need to do is click on the track "Merchant Vessel SoSan" to the right of this text. There you can listen to and vote for all the tracks on the audition list, including my new track "Merchant Vessel SoSan" which has been steadily moving up on the Alternative Auditions chart. I'm in the top 40 now, and my eyes are on tier 2.

Now, about FA:

Faded Anchors is the name I use for any music I create on my own. I generally perform literally every aspect of the music unless I'm using loops for beats. I have been in two other bands that have recorded in-studio before: Spent Beyond Means, and Never Again. Both were in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Never Again's sole album can be purchased from iTunes, Napster, Amazon, and so on.
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