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Georgia, United States

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In the beginning a single note was heard. It had the fullness of the world and the depth of space. This was not just any note. But a note that filled the world with color and blackness. As is the nature of man five where drawn to its sound. Not knowing and with the curiosity of a child they began to pound and stroke. In an incessant non stop insanity. Some kind of alchemy took place wherein this one note became many and the five began to harmonize. The heavens opened and poured out a sound that then fell and seeped into the bowels causing a friction. The likes of which no man had heard. This sound, this creation, will always be, as decreed by the one, Faith2Fist. How’s that for some melodramatic self important horseshit. No fooling people we are a great band filled with veteran players. Give us a listen I think you’ll find something that will catch your fancy. Rock on, Faith2Fist.iframe src=" - The Best in Independent Music
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