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New York, United States

Rock / Alternative

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Studio artist finally recording music again. Writing, Recording, Producing, Mixing and Arranging are my specialties. You never know what you may find me working on... Rock is my first passion, but I like almost all types of music and you may find lots of interesting elements creeping into my music over time. My main influences were Pete Townshend and Eddie Van Halen. Also Styx and the way they melded Hard Rock themes and synth, and great vocals and harmonies. I wish I played as well as Pete,or Tommy or JY, but I got a sense of style and a larger role for a guitarist. Songwriter. I may not play as fast or as clean as most, but I do put all I have into it. So... Now I'm a Studio Artist and I write, noodle, record, produce, remix, and such. I do have a LONG LONG LONG time of not producing anything musically and I am diving in with both feet... Digitally. Hope you enjoy!!!
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