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Figgy Mortis and the Riggers
Figgy Mortis and the Riggers

Ontario, Canada

New Acoustic / Singer/Songwriter

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Jesse Stutsman Began writing music at the age of 17, before he could barely play. For years he remained in his bedroom, composing and refining his craft. At the age of 30 he opened a Youtube account, this is where the journey really began. The hits on his videos slowly started picking up. The responses jesse got were exactly what he needed to push forward. Sometime in 2007 he was contacted by a local music promoter named Joan Minnery who pushed him to perform in public. In July 2007 Jesse recieved a call from Elizabeth Yates from the Brantford Expositor asking to be interviewed.Upon receiving the newspaper he was shocked to find himself on the front page and a full color spread with an article in the entertainment section. This event is what pushed Jesse to perform live. His first performance was at "Brantford Idol" where he was named "the peoples choice champion", also landing himself in the newspaper once again. This lead to a few performances at brantwood farms and the army and navy.In October of 2007 Jesse received a congratulatory award for brantford idol from local MPP Dave Levac and again In march of 2008 from mayor Mike Hancock. In January 2008 Jesse was joined by long time friends Joe Brennan and Chris Mykytowich and began work on their first album. Unfortunately Chris was unable to continue recording, but production carried on without him. Currently they are working on several songs. in August 2008 Jesse was contacted by Rod Standish and Toni Williams from Niagara falls recording and production to do a live show and record a professional video. Jesse played at the 4 triple 5 club during the daredevil days festival on queen street, this proved to be a great place to film with so many characters in the street. Go to youtube to see the video
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