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First Saga
First Saga

Georgia, United States

HipHop / Rap

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"PATIENCE" better known as 21 yr old Tyqualia . Born June 15th in Statesboro, GA. I begin singing at age 9 and moved into a studio setting at age 16. Met Haze and the members of Organized Crime in 2003. After watching them freestyle and do their thing, I quickly caught on and now Haze and I are doing our thing, in and out of the studio.

"HAZE" Dontavin Houston, 26, born in Savannah GA, but raise in Statesboro, GA. After moving to Statesboro, labeled as a natural, Haze began freestyling with a few locals in the community.He was one of the youngest to compete in local freestyle battles and came out on top of most of the competition.After a few battles, he formed the group 4LT, which didn't last very long. Haze and Patience united as a couple and teamed up with MartyJack and Dezy 380 and became Organized Crime. Haze and Patience have (2) beautiful children together and their finally a working masterpiece together, known as FIRST SAGA...
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