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Flippa Boyz
Flippa Boyz

Georgia, United States

Rhythm & Blues

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The Flippa Boyz


In the Southeastern town of Homerville, Georgia, The Flippa Boyz are like pine trees— they’re everywhere. You can’t pass a street corner in “The Yard” as it’s called, without hearing the sound of these local hip hop heroes rattling car windows or shaking house shutters. As the release of their first CD “The Fatal Blitz” approaches, The Flippa Boyz, J-Roc and DevilEyed, are ready to take it far from “The Yard” and around the world.

The Flippa Boyz are Greg “Devil Eyed” Lacey and Jeremy “J-Roc” Troy, childhood friends who knew from an early age that they had what it takes to make it in the music industry. J-Roc started rapping when he was only eight years old, and by the time he was 13 he had dropped sports and every other interest to focus on writing lyrics and freestylin’. Around the same time, Devil Eyed was getting pulled into the idea of rap both as a way to help support his single mom, and out of a creative desire to express the realities of life. The two joined forces to form The Young Thugz, a group that lived up to its name with thuggish lyrics and wild-out style. For several years they perfected there skills via underground mixtapes and soaked in influences like Tupac, TI, DMX, and Bone Thugs ‘N Harmony while constantly rocking the local freestyle battles.

At age 16, J-Roc’s troubles with school and other issues threatened to put an end to the group’s promising future. Luckily someone had faith in J-Rocs potential. Uncle James “J-Mac” McLaughlin had faith, stepped in, and encouraged him to make some changes in his life. J-Roc took this advice and off to Dallas Texas he went. While living with J-Mac in Dallas for a year, J-Roc continued writing lyrics and also performed weekly with some of Dallas’s best underground artists.

He returned to Georgia a year later with a positive outlook on the future and immediately hooked back up with Devil Eyed and The Young Thugz, releasing the CDs "Enuff Said” and “Thuggin’ Out Loud.” Again, J-Mac recognized the dedication, sacrifices, and potential in J-Roc and Devil Eyed and signed them to his newly-formed record label, WoodYard Entertainment.

The Flippa Boyz first full-length album “The Fatal Blitz” — a double CD loaded with laid back Southern slang and hard-hitting tracks — is set to be released in November of 2006. The first single, “Cool As a Ceiling Fan,” will be takin’ it wide for the first time, introducing The Flippa Boyz to the world with a catchy hook, an incredible beat, and great lyrics. The Fatal Blitz also includes a “sliced and screwed” disc screwed by DJ Slice courtesy of Strobelyfe Entertainment.

With the hard-earned support of a record label, family, and all of their fans in southeastern Georgia, The Flippa Boyz are destined to succeed! They’re confident that someday soon people far from Homerville, Georgia, will know their music and feel their lyrics while their hometown base can always rely on them to keep it real and provide some positive energy back to the community. As stated by The Flippa Boyz, “we gone rep the yard like we pose too”!

For more information:

“J-Mac” CEO
WoodYard Entertainment
214.563.7118 or email
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