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Frederick Roberts
Frederick Roberts

Prairie View
Texas, United States

Contemporary Country / Adult Contemporary

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UNITAN Communications provides full service public relations, marketing and event management to clients near and wide. Our mission is to provide professional service to assist individuals and organizations exploit their talents in the entertainment and business industry and to make their dreams a reality. Our vision is to be the leader in providing personal and professional development for careers in the entertainment industry - A&R, artist management, music/recording production, program planning and management, public relations - press conferences, news releases, contract negotiations and career advancement. Our goal is enhance the quality of life and career advancement of our clients.
Clients and Artists include Andre Pitre, Mary Ann Palmer, Marlon Jackson, Norton Campbell, Belinda Cooney and Todd Thomas. Helped shaped careers of Terry Ellis, Chris Martin (Gang Starr), Rickey LaFontaine, Beyonce (Girls Tyme/Destiny's Child)
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