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Frigid Touch
Frigid Touch

Ohio, United States

Adult Alternative / New Wave

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Frigid Touch is an Electro-Pop band from Cleveland, OH. Combining glitch and glitz; futurism and allure, they cast the lyrical spotlight on the role technology plays in shaping us psychologically... Plus, you can dance to it.

The Cleveland Scene called Swell a "terrific new album," adding, "The band's perky electro-pop recalls the better synthesizer-based music of the '80s... and the new album sounds particularly sharp."
Cleveland Music City also named Swell one of the top 30 records of 2014.

Guitarist Mike Crooker and singer Christopher Foldi have known each for about 10 years and have collaborated together on a variety of projects over that time. Crooker works on film soundtracks and would often need Foldi to sing demo vocals. They wanted to start a proper band but they could just never get their schedules to sync up. "We developed a good songwriting relationship," Crooker explains. After collaborating on the single "Cascade" about two years ago, the guys formed a band with singer Michelle Strong, drummer Rob Crossley and bassist Andrew Wilco.

Adam Boose (Cauliflower Audio) then put the finishing mastering touch on the album. "He was that last step in the puzzle," says Crooker. "We sent it to him and it was like listening to a new record. He sprinkled that magic fairy dust on it. We spent a lot time working to make it pop and added things that will reward someone listening to it for the fourth or fifth time. Like the strings in 'Take Flight' hiding underneath the electric piano and the fretless bass in 'After the Rain.'"

Key tracks on the album include the opener "Take Flight," a track best viewed in CinemaScope, with chiming guitars, relentless drums and intertwining vocals that builds to a big hooky chorus. "1-2-3" features a driving rhythm section and a gritty lead vocal paired with ethereal backing vocals. Layers of vocals and synthesizers on "Cascade" are anchored by an incessant groove, driving the listener to take another ride.

The haunting "Crystal," follows with foreboding vocals and icy guitars, the perfect soundtrack for the next time you're stuck in a polar vortex. The liquid bass lines of "After The Rain" propel the Tommy-James-and-The-Shondells-meets-The-Smiths guitars to a thunderous finale that hits on all cylinders. "All The Hubbub" is a pure pop song with hand claps, tambourines, sing-along vocals and a bass line that Peter Hook wishes he had written.
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