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Texas, United States

HipHop / Rap / Urban

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Beats, Rhythm and Life are the three essentials in mc Furyus's growth in life and in music. In 2003 Furyus set on a journey to make an album that would break the mold and go against the grain in the mainstream Hip Hop market.. To make innovation the catch phrase of the day, and to serve as the foundation to his mission Bringing soul and wordplay back into Hip Hop. In May of 2004 Furyus released his debut album "Standing Alone". "Standing Alone is a solid EP bringing together Furyuss vivid wordplay and musical talents to the forefront. Furyus fluid flow is similar to prolific artist such as Lauryn Hill, The Roots, Common, and Talib Kweli. Unlike many artists in the music genre, Furyus's talents also go beyond being an emcee. Furyus is also a respected producer working with various artists such as D-kompose of Mooda Entertainment, Gary Devon of Night Vision Entertainment, and Keye of Valiant Music. Furyuss musical talents serve as a way to make his mark in the music industry. His lyrical finesse and production skills vary so much that it is hard to sum his style in one category, from the Spanish influenced Hip Hop the only 1 I need, to the orchestra infused Music Feeds the Needs of My Soul found on his current groundbreaking EP, "Standing Alone" Furyus specializes in creating a twist in each song he produces. With heavy rotation in various college radio stations via 88.5 FM radio in Davenport IA, USCD radio KSDT 97.5, San Diego State Radio Station KCR 96.9, and Fresno State radio station KFCR 90.7 FM and KJY 1150 AM and KUNM 89.9 FM in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to charting to number 9 on 94.7 Rhythms in Abuja Nigeria; Furyus is creating a steady a buzz on radio stations home and abroad. Furyus is also creating a buzz online via online radio stations such as , debuting at 2nd most played debut of the day and charting number one on the charts for Hip Hop and R&B charts. Standing Alone also had a top ten debut on Englands online radio station Standing Alone received great reviews in urban magazines such as Fahrenheit Magazine and Urban Empire magazine. Furyus also performed at various events such as San Diegos Bust a Groove annual event opening for various dance groups such as Jam Control and Fusion, San Diegos 2nd Annual Juneteenth event in Downtown San Diego. Marine Corps Air Station Farewell Show, where he performed for troops shipping out to Iraq to support Operation Iraqi Freedom. Not only limiting creating a buzz on radio, Furyus can also be heard on various mix tapes such as Tricky Ts Darkcyde volume 3 & 5 and Darkcyde Entertainments critically acclaimed 2 Turntables and a Mic collaborating with San Diego emcees such as Tahir Jahi ( ), and D-Kompose of Mooda Entertainment. Silver Tonuge Music invited Furyus to tour various parts of the EAST during the summer of 2004. Furyus completed his EAST Coast promotional tour with various stops in Southbridge, Mass. Manchester, New Hampshire, and Boston Mass. Meeting public figures such as the Mayor of Manchester and receiving press in various magazines such as The Hippo Press,NH, The Union Leader, NH and The Southbridge News, MA. He also had the opportunity of performing at the largest Hip Hop event in Boston opening up for D-Tension, Mike Stylz, Facts One, The Skitzofrenicks and Mr Lif at the legendary Paradise Rock Club in Boston Mass. He brught his rapid fire delivery and uncanny stage presence to New England establishing himself as now a bi-coastal emcee who knows now boundaries. Conscious flows and catchy beats best describes the works inked and produced by Furyus. Establishing himself as a serious force in the music industry is the goal of this multi-talented rapper With a wordplay that would make a English savvy patron applaud and rhythms that would make the most conservative person wants to get up and dance perfectly describes the work of this break the mold and inspire is what Fury wants to bring to the table. In the summer of 2005 Furyus released his solo LP "Still Standing" accompanied with a release party that featured Mach 5 (DJ Dax and Epic Visions), Session, Afro D Z AK, D-Tension, and Killa Keat. Singles off of the album "A Day in the Life", "The Setting", and "Lay with You" currently are in heavy rotation at various online and college radio stations along the New England area. WUML 91.5 list Furyus as a New England artist on the rise and list "A Day in the life" number 18 as the top 40 plays for 2005.
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