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Straight for the heart
#556 in Pop SongVault Certified
Straight for the heart
Length: 3:02
On Network Since Mar 3, 2013
Heart Hays
SongVault Certified Artist Heart Hays

los angeles
California, United States

Singer/Songwriter / Pop

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Heart Hays born in Austin Texas and left to LA to pursue her career. Heart is a singer and songwriter, debuted her first song, Straight for the Heart” on Thursday, February 14, 2013. Now also known to Heart as 'HEART DAY'.This song was helmed by award winning producers, Bud’da which has worked with Ice Cube,Westside Connection,Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Aaliyah, and Grammy winner sound engineer “Segal” has worked with Dr. Dre., Eminem,Britney Spears,Snoop Dog, Ricky Martin, Green Day,Jay-Z, Aaliyah,Hilary Duff. Together they have created a cutting edge sound that has a Katy Perry, Taylor Swift feel to it.Which has already air-played on KIISFM 2/18/13.

Heart has been working on her music to develop her own unique sound that will set her apart from other artists.

Heart released her first Christmas video in December 2012 ‘Winter Wonderland”. Heart also had the opportunity to work Grammy winning Charlie Paakkari and with IYCA (Irvine Young Concert Artists) recording live with the symphony at Capital Records. Proceeds benefiting victims of Hurricane Sandy and the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting.

Heart opened for the Temptations and for the first time was invited to perform pop music at the Pechanga Pow-Wow to celebrate Native American culture. Heart was the first ever pop artist to perform at the event.
Heart recently was tapped to be the Ambassador for Irvine Young Concert Artist charity that benefits young musicians. Having just attended the Grammy’s, Heart’s plan for this summer is to perform in Europe and return to the States with even more music to offer her U.S. fans also she refers to them as her dreamers.
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