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SongVault Certified Artist KING B

Bemen, Germany

Pop-Reggae / Ethnic Fusion

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Born in Cameroon at ESEKA (province of the center), Jean EONE of his true name leaves Cameroon at the age of 11 years to join his father in Germany earlier left six years ago. To the secondary school (in Germany), the artist discovered a passion for the music and initially integrates a group of Rock'n'roll of his secondary school as a trainee. This group will be for him a school of formation because very quickly, he learns how to play guitar and the group establishes him three years later. In a social and cultural context where the color of its skin made problem already , it was necessary for him to work hard and especially endurance to find his way. At the time of spectacle of street organised in his district, the artist points out himself; not only by its color, but more still by its talent. Then he becomes the idol of the young people of his generation and his group rises at the top. At 17 years, his first guitar has been offered . Victim of success, KING B will make the turn of some groups where he will be requested as leader each time. Thereafter, the idea comes to him at the age 24 years to create his own group: "BAOBAB TREE WHIZZLE". a group of artist of different nationalities (Cameroonian, German, American...) met in the secondary school and the university. With this group, he will make the tour of Europe (Italy, England, Denmark, and Netherlands.) of America (Canada, Brazil...) and of Africa (Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana) to promote their lucky find, a musical style which combine the Rock'n'roll, Pop and African sonorities. (04 albums on the whole with the group) In 1991, his first single "We are one" is on the market. With this single he obtains two prices: the price of the reunification in Germany and the price of the musical revelation in England. At the end of 93, the first album solo of the artist is on the market. The coast of the artist climbs and he obtained several other prices: the musical revelation in Germany, the best musical composition, the musical revelation and the best sound (cÚsar8) in Cameroon. One of his titles "News intro" was used during more than ten (10) years as introduction music of the news to FM94, branch of the national radio and television of Cameroon (CRTV). In 1994 in Germany, KING B began a doctoral thesis in music: "Bassaphonie or new African musical theory", inspired of his "MO" a musical afro theory create by himself. Impassioned by musical research, Artist KING B travelled through the depths of Africa (Cameroon, Benin, Ghana, Togo, and Ivory Coast), in order to be able to adapt to his acoustic guitar the rhythms of his continent. Successful bet for the artist. And since, it is with dexterity that he produces sounds inconceivable with his guitar, the sound of the balaphons, of Mvet, Kora, Cithara, Xylophone and Marimba... In 2004, the album "Power of Africa" ("camerouniser the world") is on the market. his opus "Republic MASSAKA" is on the market since February 2005. An album produced by B.M.C (Black Music Congress), distributed in Europe by Major STARFISH MUSIC and in talks with other house of discs for the distribution on the African, Asian and American continent. The album "Republic MASSAKA" was recorded in one of the best studios of Europe: "HIRE STUDIO" in Germany. Tle latest album "sunshine" is ready, waiting for a distributor. the album is a mixture of reggea-pop beats. Let us announce that the artist King B alias Jean Cameron in cinema is an actor and a film director . he wrote, played and carried out several short films diffused in Ghana, Benin, Togo, Ivory Coast and Cameroon. The Artist musicologist King B is also Author composer of several musics for films. King B usually expresses himself in french, german, and english
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