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Times Like These
#219 in Folk SongVault Certified
Times Like These
Sweet Apples
New Acoustic
Length: 6:04
On Network Since May 22, 2007
I'm Slow
#5 in Easy Listening SongVault Finals
I'm Slow
Lounge / Vocal
Length: 4:59
On Network Since May 22, 2007
Kurt Geier
SongVault Certified Artist Kurt Geier

Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany

New Acoustic / Lounge / Vocal

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Kurt is a family man, an amateur cook, learned sociologist, computer nerd, film freak, failed student of philosophy, rotten dancer, determined nice person, ardent eater of meat, translator, underdeveloped guitarist, TV addict, avid drinker of beer and whisky and musician.
Born in 1972, in New York USA, to a Scottish mother and a Bavarian father, he is known to be exceedingly upbeat and moderately lazy. He has lived in Germany for most of his life, and will probably continue to do so unless he should move to Scotland one day.

Besides the solo work presented here, he is also guitarist, co-vocalist and songwriter in the German band "Renz bei Rechner".

Kurt is currently living in Germany, in the university town of Tuebingen. He has studied philosophy, sociology and political science, the purpose of which will probably remain a mistery to him forever.
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