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Seven Seconds
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Seven Seconds
Universal Reggae Menu Vol.1
Length: 3:56
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Yesterday Single
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Lennox B
SongVault Certified Artist Lennox B

California, United States

Reggae / Reggaeton

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Lennox B the Jamaican Entertainer,
Born in Port Antonio and grew up in East Kingston.
Lennox B’s musical background is from his dad as a saxophonist.
He started as a selector and MC, then got a job on the cruise line.
From bellboy to singing with cover bands on the ship.
While performing live in Los Angeles with a band called
The Uplifters, he met a Movie TV record producer Trenten Gumbs.
After seeing him perform on different occasions, he decided to produce some music on him.
He liked his versatility in style as a DJ and a singer, so he decides to do an album. Now here’s Lennox B, after gigs from Kingston and all his traveled regions with live shows, his first Lennox B Reggae Album, "Love Vibrations" with “You And I” the 1st single from the album. His 2 dancehall singles are “Fling It Up” Featuring Kendall Alexandria and Caribbean featuring Nessa B.
The Fling It Up & Caribbean video & songs are now being played on YouTube,
and Across the Caribbeans along with radio stations.
He continues venturing the world singing music & bringing unity through music.
The album is all about love and its pure positive vibes.
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