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All Songs I Go Easy
I Go Easy (feat. Pixieguts)
#242 in Alternative SongVault Certified
I Go Easy (feat. Pixieguts)
I Go Easy
New Wave
Length: 6:40
On Network Since Dec 30, 2009
I Go Easy (feat. Pixieguts) - Cottage Mix
#246 in Electronic SongVault Certified
I Go Easy (feat. Pixieguts) - Cottage Mix
I Go Easy
Length: 5:50
On Network Since Dec 30, 2009
Little Red Cottage
SongVault Certified Artist Little Red Cottage

N/A, Sweden

New Wave / Electronic

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Little Red Cottages music is a mix of lounge, house, chill-out and is influenced by experimental electronica in various forms as the duo behind the band have been active since the late 80s. The sound and experience of the music are more important than genre to LRC, whose goal is to produce music that reaches out and grips the listener. The tracks on 'I Go Easy' are moody, mellow and at the same time upbeat and uplifting. The beautiful vocals performed by Australian vocalist Pixieguts (M. Craven) takes this release to the next dimension in the land of dreams.
With the first track Little Red Cottage recalls the flavor of early 1930s recordings, especially in the treatment of the vocals. The second track, the cottage mix, has a modern house track approach to the song where LRC's electronic music experience is revealed.
The members of Little Red Cottage are U. Johansson and D. Almgren (also performing as solo act Voide)

Little Red Cottage is available on iTunes, Amazonmp3 and Spotify.
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