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marco r. wagner
marco r. wagner

Madrid, Spain

Indie Rock / Adult Contemporary

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Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro's 1960s art scene, Marco had his first public performance in Spain at 16 and was soon part of Madrid's renown art and cultural scene (La Movida). Drawing upon his Brazilian roots and Spanish guitar training in his performances in New York, Nashville and Madrid, Marco continues to be a sought-after guitarist and performer in Europe and the United States.

A gifted songwriter, Marco frequently performs and has recorded with the eclectic group of musicians that make WORLDS COLLIDE. Their acclaimed album 140 Reasons (Several Records) was co-produced by Marco and Carlos Álvarez (Polanski, Los Espasmódicos), and recorded by Javier Ortiz Fulton at the great Brazil Studios in Madrid. The album was a candidate of the Spanish Academy of Music AWARDS for Best Rock Album and Best Album of 2006. Its popular single, DEMOCRATIZE, has gathered listeners from around the world and been featured on Neil Young's website.

You may catch Marco on his acoustic promo tour of 140 Reasons in the States this April & May. In New York, Marco will be performing with Luthea Salom and will then continue his tour through North Carolina, Nashville, and Los Angeles. In June he will already be back in Europe performing with his band.

Marco has two other albums previously published in the States, and is now preparing songs for two recordings - an acoustic solo album, to be done this Spring in Nashville. And, another full album with Worlds Collide targeted for the fall-winter. This May, however, he'll be featured on the compilation album sponsored and produced by Radio 3's Santi Alcanda, "made in spain". CD's may be purchased (in Spain) at fnac, El Corte Ingles, or:
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