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Moser Woods
Moser Woods

Ft. Wayne
Indiana, United States

Jam Bands / Psychedelic

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Playing shows with such acts as, Rusted Root, Keller Williams, Dark Star Orchestra, Ekoostik Hookah, Lotus and many others, Moser Woods have created heady buzz in the Midwest region. Their audience ranges in age from 9 to 64, black, white, yellow, red, anyone from any country and all cultures. Upon entering the Woods, you'll be greeted with mellow soundscapes for a minute or two, then out of nowhere you'll be launched into an ocean of free flowing grooves fused with skillfully crafted rhythm changes that will leave you're ear lobes craving more... "Typically we invest our time in writing, new gear, maintaining our bus/gear, rare books, art, and promotion. Lance Hoeppner projects the low to mid frequency side of things with his vast array of bass-organ, synth, and trance like piano overtones. Within this system of thoughts and sounds, we have Shaun Bryan on guitar. Acting as co-writer with Lance, he is reinventing the world of strings with his esoteric style of experimental, yet traditional guitar sounds. With his 15 years of experience playing the drums, Rick Kinney brings forth an array of solid rhythmic sounds, many of his own creation. Alone they are simply three seasoned musicians, but together Moser Woods is a massive explosion of positive sound and thought... Having four years of experience writing music with each other, Moser Woods is now focused on delivering the music they love to the masses. The debut album"Tryptophan", is now available via Building momentum, Moser Woods is playing all over the midwest and has built a very loyal fan base in the process. Looking forward, the Moser Woods plan is to team up with a solid management team/booking agency, tour, and play as many festivals as possible. ..
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