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Movie of Your Life
#182 in Rock SongVault Certified
Movie of Your Life
Just in Case
Length: 4:17
On Network Since Apr 6, 2007
Shawn Brown
SongVault Certified Artist Shawn Brown

California, United States

Rock / Soul

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Soul-based singer-songwriter Shawn Brown carries an all-encompassing sound that embraces every angle of soul music, providing songs that are rooted in a common element but which offer eclecticism. Brown pours out passion and feeling with every track.

Everything In-Between

For Brown, music isn’t just about capturing an emotion – it’s about emotion, period. The whole spectrum. “Music makes me feel elated, deflated and everything in-between.” The soul of soul music is passion and fire and conjuring emotional warmth and textural depth is a vital part of summoning the proper atmosphere. Brown infuses his songs with an enveloping aura of songwriting power.


While music is his life, Brown says he tries not to be pretentious or lose his sense of fun. “I don’t take myself or my music too seriously. I want my records to be fun, bouncy and smile-producing.” While offering up his platter of aural joy, Brown strives to deliver it with energy and verve. “I want my shows to be sassy, sexy and couple-producing.” Brown employs the emotional potency of his songs to bring people together – both with couple-making and with the artist-audience dynamic.

The Artist at Work

Brown has headlined at a variety of quality venues in the Bay Area, such as The Great American Music Hall, Slim’s, 12 Galaxies and The Red Devil Lounge. He also headlined San Francisco’s Haight Street Fair and has opened for the likes of Jason Mraz, Sister Hazel, Marc Broussard, Matt Wertz and Matt Nathanson. He has topped bills in a number of nationwide tours and was tapped as a top ten live performer in Northern California by A&R Select, the leading independent A&R firm in Hollywood, CA. Lately, Brown has been showcased for ten of the top shelf labels in the industry. This artist is eyeing a late spring/early summer national tour in support of 2006’s full-length album “Just in Case.” The album has been nationally distributed independently and is available at major online stores.


“Brown’s sparkling soul pop could light fireplaces and shoot cupid’s arrows all by itself.” – A&R Select
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