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Feel Like I Do
#210 in Pop SongVault Certified
Feel Like I Do
The Shape of Things
Length: 2:52
On Network Since Apr 5, 2007
#211 in Pop SongVault Certified
The Shape of Things
Length: 3:03
On Network Since Apr 5, 2007
Sheila Swift
SongVault Certified Artist Sheila Swift

Texas, United States

Pop / Rock

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Sheila swift lives her life to the fullest every day and her music is a mirror image of that attitude. The young singer/songwriters has a new album out titled The Shape of Things. As with any title, there is meaning behind that it conveys to the listener.

Sheila says “I don’t notice the shape of things, I just take in their weight.” You can actually feel the weight of her soul and the intensity of her voice when she sings, every word counts.

As with any individual, Sheila has had more than her share of trials and tribulations, but nothing she has not been able to overcome. Sheila was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor at the tender age of 12 and has lived with it ever since, taking one day at a time and pushing forward her careers as a performer and artist. Examples of her colorful and thoughtful artwork is displayed on her website along with everything that is music related, to give visitors a good overview of her talents and the scope and breadth of all the work encompassing two different yet interrelated worlds.

The feelings and emotions of the energetic rock-pop of The Shape of Things are shared equally with someone very close to her, husband and musical collaborator Michael Hurst. Hurst plays some inspired guitar on all eight tracks of the CD. The backing of stellar musicianship certainly helps your cause as a vocalist, and in this case it applies from start to finish on the consistently strong release.

You get more than just a look into the world of Sheila Swift; you get to know her on a personal level through her music and lyrics…

Did you hear that soung when my heart fell out?
On to your table and on to the floor
You sized me up, before I closed the door
You haunted me in memories
Of what I was before.

The Shape of Things is a fine production what will find an audience in any age group. After listening to the CD, you will see that this music has no boundaries or hidden messages. The reach this kind of artist has is beyond any limitation a specific genre can create. One listen will tell the story.
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