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Val Leventhal
Val Leventhal

Illinois, United States

Acoustic Blues / Traditional Folk

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Singer/songwriter Val Leventhal has been performing in the Chicago area since 1973. She writes and sings folk, country, rock, blues, jazz and pop. Val has appeared monthly with the original jazz/rock band Third City at the Charleston in Chicago, and also regularly with Fish & The Bluefins, Miasma, has worked in the studio and on stage with CDBABY artist Robert Kramer, also appearing with The ValPack at various venues.

She has been a featured performer at the Around the Coyote Art Festival (Club Lucky stage) for 3 years running, and also previously at the Bucktown Arts Fest. In August 2003 and June 2004 she was chosen to participate in the Chicago Singer Spotlight at FitzGerald's in Berwyn. You also may have seen her solo acoustic show at the Caffe de Luca in Chicago. In addition, Val has worked as a professional session vocalist, jingle singer, and private vocal coach.

Val Leventhal's debut release, "Roots & Flowers," captures the essence of this up-and-coming artist, interweaving a bold mixture of tender yet edgy country ballads, folk, reggae, uptempo rock, and lively power blues. The album mixes live and studio recordings in an interesting balance that allows Leventhal's artistry to shine through, while remaining true to her musical roots.

With its solid writing, stunning vocals, and unpretentious, honest lyrics, "Roots & Flowers" will embrace you,and prove the American singer-songwriter is still alive and well.

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