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SongVault Jazz Track Listing

Song Title Artist Position
BJNC Clarity BJNC Showcase
3 Wishes Certified
Raymond Haysbert/Deep Sea Telemetry A Clue For Col. Mustard Raymond Haysbert/Deep Sea Telemetry Auditions
Mr. Dominican El Tigre Fino A Comer Gallina Mr. Dominican El Tigre Fino Certified
Jonathan Levingston Amour Jonathan Levingston Certified
Kathleen Siskron / Katzy Another Room Kathleen Siskron / Katzy Certified
A.L. Weil Fischer di Palotta AntiBasta A.L. Weil Fischer di Palotta Auditions
Michael David Sherwood Artemisia Absynthium Michael David Sherwood Auditions
Nancy Rost Artichokes and Emeralds Nancy Rost Finals
John Johnson As I wait for the night John Johnson Certified
Marcus Gerard Band Between the Lines Marcus Gerard Band Certified
Steve Fox Beyond This Moment Steve Fox Certified
John William Burrows Billie John William Burrows Certified
Erick Anderson Broken Standards Erick Anderson Certified
Gregory Piere C.Y.S. (Instrumental) Gregory Piere Certified
Brian Kelly Calling For Rain Brian Kelly Certified
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SongVault Certified  SongVault Certified Jazz Artists

Artist Genre # Tracks Hometown
Cool Jazz 1 ,
Al Degregoris Al Degregoris Smooth Jazz 1 New York, New York
Andy Kotz Andy Kotz Smooth Jazz 3 Monticello, Minnesota
argenis gomez argenis gomez Latin 1 bronx, New York
Barbara Martin Barbara Martin Acoustic Blues 1 Staunton, Virginia
Bianca Morales Bianca Morales Vocal Jazz 2 Helsinki, xx
Brian Jett Brian Jett Smooth Jazz 2 Tacoma, Washington
Brian Kelly Brian Kelly Jazz 5 San Francisco Bay Area, California
Chenyelu Bomani Chenyelu Bomani Urban 1 D., Michigan
Chris Ball Chris Ball Smooth Jazz 3 Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Cliff deMarks Cliff deMarks Smooth Jazz 3 Atlanta, Georgia
craig pilo craig pilo Jazz 3 Los Angeles, California
Curtis Macdonald Curtis Macdonald Chillout / Lounge 4 Thousand Oaks, California
D.C. Hathaway D.C. Hathaway Soft Rock 1 Imperial Beach, California
Dale Rucklos Dale Rucklos Spiritual 3 Arenas Valley, New Mexico
Dana Paul Robinson Dana Paul Robinson Vocal Jazz 2 Avondale, Pennsylvania
Dave LaGrande Dave LaGrande Blues 1 Nashville, Tennessee
Dave PerMar Dave PerMar Smooth Jazz 2 Altamonte Springs, Florida
David Crawford David Crawford Smooth Jazz 2 Reseda, California
David King David King Smooth Jazz 3 Motherwell, Lanarkshire
david lynch david lynch Jazz 5 Los Angeles, California
Donna Deussen Donna Deussen Vocal Jazz 2 Los Angeles, California
Drew Davidsen Drew Davidsen Smooth Jazz 2 Towson, Maryland
Drew Diego Bennett Drew Diego Bennett Latin 3 Phoenix, Arizona
Elder Otis G Johnson Elder Otis G Johnson Smooth Jazz 4 LaVergne, Tennessee
Erica Holloway Erica Holloway Smooth Jazz 2 Riverdale, Georgia
Erick Anderson Erick Anderson Soundtracks 1 Minneapolis, Minnesota
Evan Garr Evan Garr Smooth Jazz 2 Detroit, Michigan
Geoff Lapp Trio Geoff Lapp Trio Classic Jazz 4 Montreal, Quebec
Gigs Gigs Singer/Songwriter 1 LaVergne, Tennessee
Golden Boy (Fospassin) Golden Boy (Fospassin) HipHop / Rap 1 Marietta, Georgia
Gregory Piere Gregory Piere Jazz 1 San Francisco, California
Gumbo Gumbo Swing 1 Corvallis, Oregon
Homer Williams Homer Williams Smooth Jazz 2 Salisbury, Maryland
Jake Glasgow Jake Glasgow Smooth Jazz 3 Rochester, New York
JD BURNS JD BURNS Instrumental Pop 1 garrett, Indiana
Jeff Gaeth Jeff Gaeth Smooth Jazz 9 Keaau, Hawaii
Jim Glass and Friends Jim Glass and Friends Adult Alternative 1 Peoria, Arizona
john fumo john fumo Worldfusion 1 sherman Oaks, California
John Johnson John Johnson Pop 2 Galena, Maryland
John William Burrows John William Burrows Classic Piano 1 Santa Barbara, California
Jonathan Levingston Jonathan Levingston Contemporary Classical 1 Sedona, Arizona
Kathleen Siskron / Katzy Kathleen Siskron / Katzy Smooth Jazz 1 Canyon Country, California
Kiko Loureiro Kiko Loureiro Fusion 1 Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo
LEON LEON Smooth Jazz 2 MAPELWOOD, New Jersey
Marcus Gerard Band Marcus Gerard Band Fusion 4 San Francisco, California
Mark DeJong Mark DeJong Cool Jazz 3 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Mark Elliott Mark Elliott Smooth Jazz 3 Joliet, Illinois
MEM SHANNON MEM SHANNON Contemporary Blues 1 new orleans, Louisiana
Michaele Michaele Adult Contemporary 1 New York City, New York
Miguel  Angel Montalvo Miguel Angel Montalvo Latin 3 kissimmee, Florida
Misz The Groove Producer Misz The Groove Producer Smooth Jazz 4 Oakland, CA
Mr. Dominican El Tigre Fino Mr. Dominican El Tigre Fino Reggaeton 1 Miami, Florida
ObjectEarth ObjectEarth Smooth Jazz 1 Joelton, Tennessee
Pamela G Pamela G Smooth Jazz 1 Garden Grove, California
Paul Taylor III Paul Taylor III Smooth Jazz 4 Denver, Colorado
Poppa Steve Mutimer Poppa Steve Mutimer Smooth Jazz 2 Moorestown, New Jersey
REVEREND ZEN REVEREND ZEN Adult Alternative 2 Katonah,, New York
Richard Espinor Richard Espinor Original Score 1 Portland, Oregon
Richard Jackson Richard Jackson Smooth Jazz 1 ST. LOUIS, Missouri
Richy Kicklighter Richy Kicklighter Blues 4 sarasota, Florida
Robert Harris Robert Harris Smooth Jazz 1 Orlando, Florida
Robert Kramer Robert Kramer Adult Alternative 1 Aurora, Illinois
Roger Palmer Roger Palmer Alternative 2 Seattle, Washington
ronald turner ronald turner Smooth Jazz 3 gardena, California
Rosey Rosey Smooth Jazz 3 Los Angeles, California
sacha boutros sacha boutros Jazz 1 san diego, California
Sal Belloise Sal Belloise Adult Contemporary 1 Clearwater Beach, Florida
sally cooper sally cooper Vocal Jazz 2 brisbane, New York
Sally O'Brien Sally O'Brien Smooth Jazz 2 Norfolk, Connecticut
Steve Fox Steve Fox Smooth Jazz 1 Charlotte, North Carolina
Sun Shadows Sun Shadows Adult Alternative 1 Ortonville, Michigan
TOMAZZ TOMAZZ Smooth Jazz 1 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Victor McClain Victor McClain Funk 1 Marietta, Georgia
Werner Schuchner Werner Schuchner Smooth Jazz 4 San Bernardino, California
William Buda William Buda Worldfusion 1 Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan


Come To Me (2021)
Added April 9th

In Your Presence (2021)
Added April 9th

(3) Single Songs Promo (2020)
Samille Johnson
Added September 22nd

Think I'm Going Out of My Head (2020)
Samille Johnson
Added July 3rd

IGwe Ben ft Ppfizzy-Your Body (2020)
IGwe Ben
Added June 15th

Lolo ft IGwe Ben-Ndili pompo (2020)
IGwe Ben
Added June 15th

Slow Road Home (2011)
Brian Jett
Added February 23rd

Mr Lorenso en Love (2018)
Mr Lorenso
Added November 11th
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